Dang ‘Nam

Suit up and kiss your mommys good-bye, boys & girls.
Troops are being sent back in this August.

Kit Requirements:
1969 era kits are highly encouraged but not required but a prize will be given for best G.I and best V.C kits

No optics or lasers are permitted in game play.
All firearms will be inspected and Chronographed on site by game administration. A Chrono post will follow.

Greens & Variants for G.I. groups and Black or Tans for VC

***If teams are too unbalanced armbands will be put into play to denote teams

Here’s a little info to get get your trigger fingers itchy…

Site opens 5pm Friday for over-night Camping, Tavern access & general tom-foolery, all included in ticket price
Please note if you are traveling from out of province or need to arrive early you must PM us so we can accommodate you at the gate. Above Ground fire pits are permitted, some wood is available at site.

Misson Briefing at 09:00 Hours Saturday August 26
Active Game Play by 09:30 Hours – If you miss the mission brief you will have to wait until the next ‘drop time’ to receive your brief and be added into the gameplay
Game play scheduled to end around 18:00 Hours

Licensed Tavern will be open and serving liquor from 6pm-Midnight on Friday & Saturday Evening.

Saturday overnight camping is also welcome and encouraged. If enough people camp Saturday, Sunday the field will be open until 2pm for skirmishes or for possible on-site training TBA.

If less than 20 people camp on Saturday night the site will officially close Sunday at noon.

Come to shoot your frenemies…

Stay & have a drink and smack-talk after…

Drive home the next day.

Sounds like a dream huh? Come live it.