OP: WYLDE FYRE IV : Aug 24-26

Welcome to the Bong Son Plains, Vietnam
This 18+ Vietnam Airsoft Milsim is Located 1 Hour North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Love the ‘Nam or just starting out, this Vietnam Milsim game is for you. With minimal kit requirements, you can join the fun and slaughter and shoot your new Frenemies.
Buy early and sign up for the LASTMAN STANDING immersion package, receive your customized enlistment documents by post.
Only 25 US & VC tickets of this type will be released.


Airsoft, Wylde Fyre III
Site Opens Friday August 24th @ 2pm
Gameplay : 17:00 – 21:00 Friday / 09:00 – 20:00 Saturday
Site Closes Sunday August 26th @ 3pm

WFIV Weekend Passes

OR by E-Transfer: Include the following information:
* Full Name
* Mailing Address
* Standard OR Last Man Standing Ticket (AVAILABLE)


Dear Jeremy,

We’ve spent 6 months of our tour here at LZ English. It’s pretty remarkable here, the flat plains, the lack
of activity from the Vietnamese. The farmers in the small ville outside our fire base seem peaceful
enough. Oddly enough though, there are very few males our age there. Heck, there are barely any kids
either, just lame males, women, and a few old crones. The briefings have told us about the VC and NVA
coming into villages and taking fighting age males by force to work for them. I sure am glad that we
don’t act the same way as those guys. It makes me feel good for being here. For protecting these
people. For helping them as best we can.

We have been in the ville a few times since I got here. Sergeant Page keeps yelling at them all.
Asking if they are VC, where the VC are. I am sure if they knew, they would more than happily tell us.
Especially if they understood the level of anger he has for them. I sure hope they actually don’t know
what he means when he is swearing at them, calling them all sorts of names. Heck, just last week I
watched him push a mama-san around and shove the barrel of his carbine up under her chin and
threaten her. She sure was crying and everyone was angry with him.
I have to say, the worst one in the whole platoon is the guy with the beard that everyone calls
Gomer. I don’t understand why they call him that, maybe it’s just a reference from Gomer Pyle show
that is on the TV back home. I don’t get it, he swears at everyone, and tries to push us all around.
Maybe it’s because he thinks he is too good for the rest of us because he carries that pig in the bush.
Except, I have seen his friends dress him so that Sergeant Page doesn’t tear him apart. I hate it when he
walks point. It’s like he is always looking for a fight in one way or another. I am sure that one day he is
going to do something to a villager and stir up a whole hornets nest of trouble for us. God, I am not
looking forward to that day.

Until then, I will enjoy this warm weather and watching all those aircraft over head. I keep
praying that we never have to call them in, because that means our butts are in a sling and we need

I find it really funny how alert everyone is here. It’s like they are all scared of their own shadows
and thinking something is always just about to happen. Maybe the brass is scared and that is why they
keep sending over all those guys that barely say a word to anyone other than each other. They come in
wearing those strangely coloured uniforms, and always go out wearing face paint. I have heard about
them, guys keep calling them lurps. Frankly, I don’t really care about them or their jobs. If they do their
thing, and we stay safe and sound in this wonderful slice of paradise.

Your Brother,

Welcome to Vietnam and the Bong Son Plains region.
Average Daytime temperature, 20C
Average Nighttime temperature, 10C

Full moon August 26th

Site Access & Game Times:
Site opens for all players Friday, 24 – August – 2018 @ 12:00pm for camp set ups
Active game play runs from 18:00 until 24:00 Friday
Cease fire and Forced Rest from 24:00 until 08:00 Hours
Active game play will resume Saturday, 25 – August – 2018 @ 08:00 Hours until 22:00 Hours Saturday Night with revelry afterwards.
This game has a total run time of 20 Hours with field access Sunday for open game play until 14:00 Hours

Site Amenities & Access:
UN-serviced field camping (Designated Zones for each team US & VC/NVA in both combat and non-combat zones available)
Shower House (Hot water)
Licensed Tavern (Open Friday & Saturday from 19:00 until 01:00)
*** PLEASE NOTE: No players are allowed to re-enter game play for the remainder of that day upon consumption of intoxicants
Smoking is permitted onsite but only at designated locations, butt pales MUST be used at all times.
BBQ’s will be available for general use at the Tavern with propane provided
Fortress & Mock Village zones
Established hiking paths
Designated Safe Zones
Dirt road site access
No ATV’s are allowed to be brought to site. If you have mobility requirements please contact the game admin to discuss.

Mandatory Supplies

Due to the nature of this game, all players MUST submit specific gear for inspection prior to game admission. If any of the mandatory supplies are missing these players will not be allowed to engage in game-play until all components are obtained without impacting the availability of other players supplies.

Download the Mandatory, Recommended and Supplemental Supply guide below:

HARD Kit Requirements:
US Troops:

COLORS – Green Based Camo ONLY.  Absolutely NO Digital or Multi-cam
WEAPONS STYLES – No restrictions

VC/NVA Troops:
COLORS – Blacks & SOLID Tan ONLY (Tan Camo will not be allowed in game play)
WEAPONS STYLES – No restrictions

General Kit Restrictions:
– No Modern Optics
– No Attachments unless required to run the gun (ie. PEQ Box)

This event is capped at 120 Participants and Tickets are ONLY in Advance and will not be offered at the gate, any players attending without a ticket will not be admitted to the site.

LAST MAN STANDING (while supplies last)
To add another level of immersion, sign up for one of the limited LAST MAN STANDING tickets (capped at 25/US & 25/VC) to receive your ticket and orientation package by mail and engage in a role-assignment aspect that could leave your name immortalized on a plaque in our Tavern for future generations to admire and aspire to.

LMS UPDATE (July 15/2018)

Standard tickets include your entire weekend & game-play access for your chosen side, please ensure you download the mandatory supplies listing, then pack your kits and get ready for the heat.

If you are Attending the site but NOT participating in this event you MUST notify us prior to site arrival. Like everyone else, you get to sign all sorts of amazing legal documents and hang out in your designated safe camp.

General Admission & Notice of your business so we can plan space for you is all that is required. Bring to sell or swap. You are responsible for your own floats and product security, we do not have booths at this time but tables are available in the main hall/tavern on Friday & Saturday night for a site auction & players can swap and sell their gear as well.

Be sure you notify us of your circumstance for approval of both General Admin & Vendor attendances by e-mailing us your details

WFIV Weekend Passes

Pay By E-Transfer: Include the following information
* Full Name
* Mailing Address

* Standard OR Last Man Standing Ticket (Currently AVAILABLE)
Email:** All purchases are non-refundable but fully transferable. In the rare case this event is unable to take place a full refund on all tickets will be issued within 30 days of the public event cancellation notice.

If you experience any issues with tickets or for general enquirers about this event, please contact:

Redfield Crossing
Field TACSOP : FEB/2018

Rules & Regulations

Spirit of the Game
All players will be given the respect due to any reasonable person. Players are asked to use common sense. Bending any rule in order to win is cheating. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the game without refund.

1. Conduct, Honor and Integrity
1.1. Airsoft is a sport founded on the principles of honor, respect and honesty.
1.2. Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and respectful manner both on and off the field.
1.3. We recognize that some verbal angst and banter is to be expected during game play – please conduct yourself accordingly.
1.4. Players will display mutual respect and treat the gear, equipment, props and property of other players, event staff and landowners with utmost care and regard. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated.
1.5.  To report someone for cheating or rule violations report the individual immediately to a  commanding officer,  game organizer, or field owner.  Under no circumstances should you confront the player directly during a game. A positive identification is required
1.6. Players observed not calling their hits by an admin (whether embedded or dedicated) may be ejected from the game on their discretion.
1.8.  The definition of being “Hit” is when the airsoft BB hits any part of the players clothing, body, or weapon.  Gun hits count.

2. Personal Safety
2.1. Safety Overview
2.1.1. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. It is presumed that you have read and understand ALL the rules before playing.
2.1.2. The game organizers and commanding officers are NOT responsible for your safety. Although they have taken reasonable steps to provide a game play environment that is safe, this in no way guarantees your safety.  The only person responsible for your safety is YOU.
2.1.3. Being an honor sport, a sense of chivalry is implied, meaning, you should not only be concerned with your safety, but the safety of all other players in the game. Choose your actions accordingly
2.1.4. There may be inherent danger in close range props, traps, vehicles and equipment. The players will be advised if, when, and how the above items may be interacted with.  The default is:  don’t touch.

2.2. Medical Assistance/Field Emergencies
2.2.1. Should there be an actual real world medical or field emergency, radio the game Admins and your team commander immediately or get the attention of the nearest admin. Provide your location so the necessary personnel can be dispatched to deal with the situation.
2.2.2. “Stand Down” – This command is issued by the Admin team when game stoppage is required. All players “Stand Down” in their current location and await further instructions.
2.2.3. “Make Safe” – This command is issued by the Admin team for medical emergencies or other serious situations. When this command is issued, all weapons will be cleared and made safe (i.e., mags out and safety on). All radio traffic is to cease until further notice. All players hold in their current location and await further instructions.

2.3. Eye & Face Protection
2.3.1. Eye protection must be worn at all times. If you decide to rest or take a break while on the field, your eye protection must stay on. The only time you are permitted to remove your eye protection is when you are in a safe zone.
2.3.2. Eye protection must meet ANSI Z87.1 standards (or higher) and wrap around the face. Wire/mesh goggles, shop glasses or ski goggles are not allowed. Regular prescription glasses are NOT acceptable as safety eye wear.
2.3.3. Any questionable eye protection is subject to inspection and testing by an Admin.
2.3.4. Any player below the age of 18 is required to wear full face protection.

2.4. SAFE Zone
2.4.1. No firing from the Safe Zone. No firing into the Safe Zone.  This includes “dry firing”.
2.4.2. All SAFE Zones will be clearly marked.  Typically, they include the parking lot and staging area. There will be designated test firing and chronograph areas outside the SAFE Zones.
2.5. Gun Safety
2.5.1. Magazines will be removed from rifles before entering the Safe Zone.
2.5.2. Players will ensure their weapons are empty by firing a few rounds into the ground before entering the Safe Zone.
2.5.3. Safeties MUST be engage.

3. Velocity/ROF/MED Limits
3.1. The velocity limit for full and semi-auto AEG’s and Propane/air/CO2 operated guns is a Maximum of 1.64Joules.
3.3. The velocity limit for Bolt action rifles is 2.28 joules.
3.4. All guns have a 30RPS ROF limit.  Designated LMGs are permitted up to 50RPS.
3.5. Any system equipped with a device to control airflow/fps must have a tournament lock.
3.6. Pistols/Shotguns have a zero minimum engagement distance (MED)
3.6.1 Bolt Action MED is 30 meters
3.6.2 Full auto fire is 10 meters.

4. Gun Chronographing
4.1. All guns will be chronographed before being allowed on the field.
4.2. BB’s will be provided at the Chronograph station, so bring an empty mag to the station.
4.3. All chronographed guns will be marked for easy identification.
4.4. Guns may be randomly chronographed, by game admins, at any time during the game.
4.5. Once on the field, any player found tampering with their gun to contravene the velocity limits will be permanently ejected from the game.

5. CQB
5.1. Players are limited to semi-auto fire only when entering or occupying a structure.
5.2. Bolt action rifles and other full-auto only weapons may shoot at targets outside of a secured building, as long as the barrel passes the threshold of the window, door, or opening.

6. Blind Firing
6.1. Blind firing is defined as firing without identifying and/or without being able to properly identify what you are shooting at first.  An opening must be larger than a clenched fist to fire through with proper aiming technique.
6.2. BB’s shot from a legal position, passing through a small crack or hole and striking a player will count as a “hit”.

7. Elimination Rules
7.1. A bright red or blaze orange “DEAD” rag is mandatory equipment for day operations. Night operations require a red light.
7.1.2. The dead rag must remain prominently displayed until the player is fully re-spawned. “Dead” players should use the term, “Dead man walking”, when emerging from behind cover or when the view of the dead rag could be obstructed.

7.2. The “Dead”
7.2.1. Dead men don’t talk. Players that are “dead” or “wounded” may not speak regarding strategic/tactical details until they have been revived.  Also, they are not cover.

7.3. Medic
7.3.1. Every live player is a medic unless game details specifically say otherwise.
7.3.2. You may drag a wounded player to cover, to a maximum of 3M. Wounded players may assist being dragged but may not walk or crawl to cover.
7.3.3. To revive a player before the bleed out time of two minutes, the medic must apply a tourniquet to the wounded player on first hit.  On second hit the player must drink a complete 500ml bottle of water.
7.3.4. A wounded player cannot assist the medic (other than to give instructions on location of tourniquet.)

7.4. Bleed Out.
7.4.1. The bleed out time is 2 minutes. Bleed out time is mandatory.

7.5 Game Mechanics
7.5.1  A player cannot call for a medic using a radio.
7.5.2 Mercy Rules – There is no mercy rule.  However, any player that gains a significant advantage over an enemy player may elect to call out “Mercy!” Please be advised that compliance is completely optional and is at the players own risk. Shoot low if necessary.

7.6. Re-Spawn
7.6.1. After a bleed out, KIA players can re-spawn by returning to a designated location.  Reloading is allowed while re-spawning.

7.7. Melee weapon Kills
7.7.1. Rubber melee weapons are allowed.
7.7.2. No weapon may be thrown.
7.7.3. You may not engage in a physical confrontation (ie. mock hand to hand).
7.7.4. Anyone killed by a knife should not call hit and may not scream.  Sit/lay down where killed, and bleed out per rules. They cannot be revived by a Medic.

7.8. Prisoners of War
7.8.1. There will be no taking of prisoners by any team unless it is part of the scenario.  Details will be released for each game prior to game start.

8. Reloading
8.1. Game details will specify where “Live” players may reload.  Default is anywhere.
8.2. Dead players are not permitted to reload.
8.3.  Reloading is permitted on-field from carried speed-loaders only.  Loose ammo is permitted only at primary spawn.
8.4. Riflemen and Designated Marksmen are permitted 300 rounds in magazines for primary. 3 magazines for secondary (no more than 100 rounds total)
8.5.  Designated LMG users are permitted 1 drum mag.

9. Special Class Roles
9.1. Designated Marksman/Sniper
9.1.1. Snipers must adhere to a 30m minimum engagement distance.
9.1.2. Snipers must carry and use secondary weapon to engage targets closer than MED.
9.1.3. A secondary weapon may only be a pistol or sub-machine gun.
9.1.4. A BASR may engage targets outside of a secured building, as long as the barrel passes the threshold of the window, door, or opening.
9.1.5. The number of DM’s per team will be limited by the Game Organizer/s.

9.2. Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
9.2.1. Players filling the SAW gunner role must use squad weapons that have a real-world equivalent (e.g., M249, RPK, MG36, M60, etc.).
9.2.2. SAWs may engage targets outside of a secured building, as long as the gunner is positioned next to a doorway, and the barrel passes the threshold of the window, door, or opening.
9.2.3. The number of allowed SAWs is controlled by the game organizer.

10. Grenade Rules

10.1 BB Fragmentation Grenade
10.1.1 Grenades that expel BB’s act as any other bb expelling device.
10.1.2. Grenades have a “kill” radius of 3m from where the grenade comes to rest (not point of impact). No matter how far BB’s may project from the grenade itself the “kill” radius remains 3m from the point of rest.
10.1.3. Players positioned behind hard cover (rocks, walls, hills, vehicles etc.) are considered protected.
10.1.4. If the grenade fails to detonate, it is considered a “dud” and has no effect.

10.2. Smoke Grenades
10.2.1. Colored Smoke grenades are permitted.  Black and white can be used for concealment purposes and blue for target designation, typically in unlimited amounts. Yellow (gas) and Red (explosive) will be limited per team based on specific scenarios.  Orange, purple, and green smoke grenades will be used by admin staff only for designated purposes.

11. Vehicles

11.1. Vehicles are only to be used by Game Organizers, admins, or pre-designated personnel.  Players are not permitted to operate vehicles.
11.1.1 Vehicles will be limited in speed to 30km/hr or less.
11.1.2 Players on foot must stay at least 5m from the front and 2m from the sides of a moving or stationary vehicle, unless the scenario dictates otherwise.

11.2. Disabling Vehicles
11.2.1. Small vehicles and modified technicals will be destroyed from a direct hit with red smoke, tag round, or designated prop/device.
11.2.2. APC’s, Tanks, Mobile Rockets and convoy vehicles will require multiple direct hits to the vehicle to completely immobilize and render it inoperable.
11.2.3. Vehicle objectives and repair rules will be provided prior to game start

12. Physical Contact
12.1. Physically or verbally abusive or threatening behavior of any nature is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the field and property, and/or a ban from all future events.  It may also draw the involvement of law enforcement if admins deem necessary.
12.2. Players are not permitted to make physical contact with another player. If the scenario requires physical contact, an admin will approve the action.

13. Substance Abuse
13.1. Players showing physical signs of intoxication or impairment may be asked to sit out for an extended period of time at the discretion of the game admins.

14.Low Light/No Light Operations
14.1. Players are required to carry a flashlight at all times.
14.2. The use of Night Vision, Thermal or other type of NOD is permitted based on game requirements.
14.3. Players are required to have an easily viewed Red light to signal that they have been hit.

15. Laser Devices
15.1. Lasers Class IIIb and Class IV are prohibited on the field.
15.2. Lasers Class I, Class II and Class IIIA (under 5mW) are permitted.
15.3. Players wishing to use laser devices on the field will have to prove the laser is of the permitted class and power. If the player cannot prove the class and/or power of the laser device, it will not be allowed on the field, operational or not.
15.4. Players will not intentionally shine lasers in the face or eyes of other players.

16. Knives
16.1. Combat Knives are not to be carried on to the field.
16.2. Multi-tools and Swiss Army knives (EDC knives), are permitted if properly stored.

17. Radio
17.1. Each team will be assigned specific channels.
17.2. No listening to the enemy radio channels unless the scenario circumstances allow it.
17.3. No jamming of the other teams radio calls.

18. Watch
18.1. Each player requires a watch for this OP. It will be used to time bleed-outs as well as mark times at certain objectives.

19. Ballistic Shields
19.1. Ballistic shields are not permitted.

20. Role Players
20.1. Role Players may be embedded within each team, depending on the scenario. Role Players will act as agents of the Organizer to aid in the flow of the scenario and assist in the game running smoothly.

21. Embedded Admins
21.1. Admins may be embedded into the game. These are players who have the additional responsibility, and authority, of maintaining fair game play. The Embedded Admins will address routine concerns and take significant issues to Admin Staff. Embedded Admins do not have the authority to eject players from the game.
21.2. Embedded Admins will be clearly identified.

22. Personal Effects
22.1. Damaged, lost or stolen personal effects are the sole responsibility of the player; the game organizers and field owners are not liable for compensation.
22.2. Any person found stealing or vandalizing property will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and permanently banned from future events.
22.3. All items found must be turned in to the game organizer.

23. Field Modification
23.1. Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
23.2. Players will not move or alter any of the buildings or structures to suit their needs.
23.3. Do not leave any garbage on the field.