A Casual Medieval & LARP Friendly Weekend

Join us for a No-Garb Required Weekend of Classes about Medieval & LARP War, Strategy, Weaponry, Arts & Sciences.

Bring your camping gear and stay all weekend, visit merchants , explore the fortressforest and fields with new friends. Step foot in the tavern, play some cards & share a toast to absent friends around the campfire.

Meet members of various Live-Action, Historical Preservation, Medieval Combat and Outdoor Festival Communities! This is a great chance to network with other creators, players and campers in central Alberta.

Classes & Courses

Rapier & Rubber Band Guns
Spears and Pike
Archery & Thrown Weapons
Heavy (Traditional Sword & Shield) Combat 

Caiaphas’ Basic Bronze Casting – make a small article of bronze.

Price: TBA

Pewter Casting by Bronwyn – make a small article made out of pewter.

Price: TBA

do YOU know COOL STUFF?!

Share your passion about medieval, ancient and even fantastical arts, sciences, wars, song and survival.

Merchants & Vendors

Hedgepig Pottery – Functional and Fantastical hand-made pieces
Galeana’s Closet  – Clothing for all Lords & Ladies – Renaissance and medieval as well as cosplay costumes.
Bronwyn’s Jewelry – Pewter Casting and Custom Jewelry
Forest Renditions – All Natural Brooms, Salves, Body Lotions, Deodorants, Herbs


Pack up the camper to share and sell you’re amazing creations at our little faire and enjoy yourself.

Site Open @ 5pm for the Friday Informal

  • Tavern with Liquor Service
  • Open Mic & Bard in a Box
  • Open Games (Cards, Dice & Box Games)
  • Camping Set up & General Social


  • Classes Through the Day
  • Merchants Open for Sales
  • Music & Social in the Evening

Knowledge is Power so charge up with classes or take advantage of the sites open amenities and explore on your own or with friends. Archery & Thrown Weapon lanes will be accessible during supervised times. Take on a treasure hunt, use the unsupervised kids play area or explore the grounds and go on a hike.


  • Fortress Siege Heavy/Armored – 2.5 hours (10am-12:30pm)
  • Rapier Tavern Brawl – 2.5 Hours (1pm-3:30pm)
  • Archery & Thrown Weapons – Open Based Off Availability of Marshals 
  • LARP Scenarios – 4 Hours (Split Times) 
Learn from Members of Various Recreational Groups
  • Society of Creative Anachronism
  • Amtgard : Duchy of Western Winds
  • Vicious Ambitious Events (HARVEST series)
  • & More to Come

WarFaire Begins In