Site Rules and Regulations

RULES AND REGULATIONS of the Site owned and operated by Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
Permission is given to all groups to reproduce these Regulations in any handouts given to all who attend the event.

1. Gate Entry and Use of Facilities
a. Management reserves the right to:
i. Determine who may and may not enter the site
ii. Control who may use which facilities.
iii. Eject any guests or visitors, who, in the opinion of Management are undesirable or causing a disturbance.
iv. Contact police to report any disturbances and illegal activity.
v. Anyone who enters the site must sign in at the main entrance at all times.
2. Waivers – Everyone entering the site MUST complete the said waivers.
3. Minors
a. Must be supervised at all times.
b. Parents and guardians are responsible for all minors in their care.
4. Damage to Property
a. All persons while on the site are responsible for all damages incurred and may be asked to leave the premises.
b. All damages must be reported to management immediately.
5. Firearms/Fireworks/Firecrackers
a. Firearms are strictly prohibited with exception of Management for use in case of wildlife danger.
b. Fireworks/firecrackers are prohibited.
6. Noise
a. Be considerate of everyone on site and keep noise to a minimum.
7. Parking
a. Please unload vehicle within 2 hours and then move vehicle to designated parking areas.
8. Trees
a. Cutting down trees, clearing of brush or removal of any limbs is strictly prohibited unless approved by     management. Do not put nails in trees and remove any ropes or clotheslines after use.
9. Motorized vehicles
a. Travel on designated roads and routes within property. Speed limit 20km
b. Yield to pedestrians.
c. Use of Quads, Golf carts or other ATV’s during events is prohibited unless needed for medical reasons and or Management approved usage. ie: Fire Suppression Vehicle.
d. All non- working vehicles must be removed from site.
10. Fires
Fires are permitted, provided that:
a. They are contained in a portable fire-safe container in designated areas or use Redfield designated fire pits. No fires allowed in treed areas.
b. The container is stored safely or removed when not in use.
c. Care is taken to avoid scorching or otherwise damaging the grass.
d. Water or fire extinguisher is close by any open flames.
e. Alberta Fire Regulations, Restrictions and Bans are adhered to.
f. Firewood will be available. Do NOT leave unused firewood in field.
g. Dump ashes in designated metal barrels located on site.
h. All unattended fires will be distinguished by site fire wardens.
11. Pets/Animals
a. Must be on a leash, under control and scooped after at all times.
b. Please observe and obey posted No Pet areas with the exception of service animals.
c. Noisy, unruly, or dangerous pets will not be permitted to remain on the site.
d. Mistreatment of animals will not be tolerated. Eviction, veterinary charges and/or legal charges may result and be   charged to the owner.
e. Owners of Large animals (horses) must have their own Liability Insurance.
12. Trash and Recyclables
a. Clean up before you leave the site.
b. Metal, BBQ’s, and mattresses are not permitted in the dumpster.
c. Deposit all trash or recyclables ie bottles/juice containers in designated barrels located on site.
13. Storage
a. There will be limited storage on site – Must have approval of Management.

14. Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas only.

15. Anyone not obeying the rules and regulations of the site may be evicted and will not receive a refund.

16. Management is not responsible for the loss of personal property by theft or damage. Please secure all your belongings and report any vandalism immediately.

17. Wildlife may be present, please DO NOT feed. Keep food items in sealed containers. Report any sightings and encounters to management.

18. Management has compiled these rules for everyone to remain safe and to try and make your time here pleasant. We may at any time implement additional rules and regulations.


Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
Email: Telephone: 780-975-1932
Rules are subject to change without notice.