The Dream: Always Keep Building

Redfield Crossing was established to provide an escape from the mundane for people from all walks of life who want to get away from tech and reconnect back to their natural environment with friends and family.

Our site is fully insured, annually inspected and works diligently with municipal governments, local land-owners and businesses to provide a safe and private environment for our patrons and partners.

COST: Est. Cost = $8200
WHAT: 3 Basic Buildings
This Project is for the build of 3 Small Cabin/Shed style buildings that would be accessible for either gameplay or for basic weekend accommodations for up to 4 people.
WHERE: Along the Western Tree zone south of the main site access road.
How Can you Help: Donations of $500 or more provide you a Timeshare option for these units, giving you a 3 year contracted time-share that provides you with 4 priority bookings for the cabin of your choosing during a non-booked event weekend or an general public event weekend.
Cost includes estimated materials costs for lumber, roofing, transport, consumables (nails, etc.) and labor.
Current Funds To Goal = 0%

COST: Est. Cost = $4500
WHAT: 2nd Village Structure, approximately 6 shell buildings
WHERE: To Be Determined, currently slotted for South Eastern Development Zone

Funds to Goal = 0%

Current Operational Costs & Future Projects

We don’t believe it should be a big secret when it comes to how much we care about our community and where you’re dollars go when you rent with Redfield or attend one of our events.

Standard or Basic Operational Costs for Our Field are Approximately $12 000/Year
Seasonal Operations from June 1st until October 1st & Includes such exciting things like:
– Toilet Rentals & Suck Out Services
– Insurance
– Gasoline for mowing, etc, etc.

Any additional profit we make above operational costs gets invested directly back into the site and its further development. We also offer the ability to become a Patron of Redfield Crossing through sponsorship of specific products or general donations to site builds.

On the Left are our list of Current and Future Projects with cost breakdowns and donation links if you wish to take part, we’d love you forever, might even name our next Fortress or Bog road after you!