We operate June 1st until September 1st each calendar year.

Our outdoor venue accepts groups from a minimum of 15 to a max of 5 000.

“Weekend Package” = Site Access 12 pm Friday until 3 pm Sunday

Prices listed include access to all non-staffed amenities (Village, Fortress, Non-Staffed Tavern + Active Field & Forest as well as Camping Zones & Showers included)

Your Event : Your Way – 2 Ways to Book

Per Person booking (Minimum 15 adults)

“Spent the weekend here larping with Harvest Larp and Vicious Ambitious Events. Loved it so much can’t wait to go back again!!!”

Alexandria Skylaar

- July 2017

Booking Prices by Group Maximums 

For additional services, bookings over 200 attendees or if you are part of a Not-For-Profit, Charity, Educational or Preservation group please contact for special considerations provided to community enrichment societies and large groups.

If you or your group are on a tight budget, contact us about volunteer opportunities for possible rate reductions.

Build Your Own Adventure!

Our Kick-@$$ Crew of Super-Talented Staff, Volunteers and Partners help make Redfield Crossing an awesome place to hang out. We are always making new friends with diverse talents and seek to support local artisans, performers and licensed professionals. Working with them, we help to leverage their skills to take your event to the next level.

Additional Event Services add on to any basic site rental, estimated fees are provided in each tab to help you keep in line with your event budget.

Once you have an idea what you would like to see happen, visit the contact us page and fill out the details about your request so we can help create an event Estimate with you.

The Bar is Open! Welcome to Dante’s Inferno

  • Bar Service Tavern : Operating & Licensed Tavern + $50/Evening
    • Bartender w/Pro-Serve
    • Both Non-Alcoholic & Spirits available (Preference lists must be provided to bartender 30 days in advance)
    • Liquor license provided by Tavern Team (Times must be established 30 days prior to event date)
  • Full Service Tavern: Operating & Licensed Tavern +  $150/evening
    • Same as above + 2 Additional Wait staff (Costumed as appropriate for event)
    • Pretzels & Pub Snacks provided at tables
  • LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Let Dante help coordinate entertainers to suit your event. Give us your budget and what you have in mind, let us see if we can put our connections in the entertainment industry to work for you. Pricing estimates unavailable.
    • Dinner Theater Productions
    • Performance Arts (Fire Breathing, Poi, Juggling, ect.)
    • Musical performers (Specializing in Folk and Traditional but welcoming all artists)

Add some intensity to your next game or run down the aisle with a bang.

“Shows” are considered launches or detonations of fire works, usually through remote means with a variety of effects that are done eitehr as a showcase of the effects or assembled and timed to create a specific ambiance (Example: “Building Explosion“)

Check out our Basic Bundles or Custom Show info

  • Licensed Pyrotechnics assistance/show Lv.1  – $100
    • Includes approximately 20 small effects :  Single show or split into 2 separate shows
  • Licensed Pyrotechnics assistance/show Lv.2  – $250
    • Includes approximately 50 effects (a couple larger or requested) : Single show or split into 2 separate shows
  • Licensed Pyrotechnics assistance/show Lv.3  – $500
    • Includes approximately larger packs and more customized effects : Single show or split into 3 separate shows
  • Custom shows, supervision and consultation also available
    Message us with your questions and ideas.

Redfield Crossing uses licensed Pyrotechnicians and works closely with local fire marshals to ensure safety

Play Safe & Have Fun

Supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those involved in policing, emergency response, safety and working make our site and events awesome every time. Our primary first-aid staff are comprised of current and former military, first-aid, ems, and other first-responders.


  • Medic Lv.1 – Dedicated medic with Vehicle for emergency evacuation
    • $50/Day
  • Site Admin – General site staff are available to help with parking lot direction, admissions, transportation & even some general labor during your event. Our team work together regularly and can add security, site familiarity and reliability to your event, taking the pressure off and allowing you to focus on what’s most important
    • $18/Hour or $55/4 Hour Shift
Please note all events require contract signing and deposit at least 60 days prior to the event date. Deposits are non-refundable if events are cancelled with less than 20 days notice

SITE RULES  <—– If you are getting the itch to contact us, here’s a few other things you should know about our site