Past Events at Redfield

Underworld – Kalidor – Fall 2017

We offer Edmonton’s largest selection of Live Action Role-playing weapons, props, accessories and other gaming items.

Our Flagship game is Underworld a medieval horror-fantasy Live Action Role-playing game that runs year round.

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War Cry – Underworld 2017

Welcome to the dark and gritty world of Underworld LARP, a premier live action roleplaying game with events running coast to coast in Canada and, for the first time in their history, Japan. LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing.

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Wylde Fyre III

Dang ‘Nam Suit up and kiss your mommys good-bye, boys & girls. Troops are being sent back in this August. Kit Requirements: 1969 era kits are highly encouraged but not required but a prize will be given for best G.I and best V.C kits No optics or...

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