Offered to Redfield Crossing Clients

Infrastructure & General Services:

  • All infrastructure usage on site is included in the rental price
  • The site is located 1 km off paved highway
  • Total event site is 150 acres, 40 is forested
  • Roads & parking maintained by on site staff
  • Mowing & tree trimming is maintained by on site staff on a weekly basis
  • Over 80 acres of treed or open field camping areas (no power access)
  • Hand cleaner & toilet paper supplied as required by site staff
  • Toilets & Showers cleaned & stocked at regular intervals by the site staff
  • Cut & split fire wood free of charge
  • A dedicated vendor area with 57 – 25’ wide x 30’ deep lots available
  • Above ground fire pits accepted
  • Permanent Main Shelter and Fire Pit


  •  A permanent 12 acre target archery range with 6 target butts, maximum range 100 metres

Events & Staging:

  • Forested Wooden Stockade Castle – and Fox Holes
  • Large field areas available and adaptable to all various types of events
  • Mock Town
  • Field Defensible Positions
  • Movable Hay Bails

Modern Services:

  • Potable drinking water provided by site operator.
  • Trash barrels & recycle barrels picked up daily by site staff.
  • All sewage containment is emptied after each event by site operator.
  • Toilets & Showers have solar powered lighting.
  • Access to 5 star hotel, restaurants, chain stores & beaches just 30 minutes from site.
  • Lighting will be available on vendor streets  and main roadways

Emergency Services:

  • On site emergency medical staff (St. Johns)
  • Fire Department 10 minutes away.
  • Hospital & Emergency Room 30 minutes away & Air Ambulance 12 minutes away.

Vendors & Cabin Owners:

  • All building owners are required to have insurance for their buildings.
  • All building owners are required to have a functioning 5lb. ABC extinguisher on hand.
  • Building construction with lease agreements are permitted on vendor lots by application to Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
  • Cabin construction with lease agreements are permitted on site by application to Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
  • All construction proposals must be accompanied by drawings and proper applications for submission to the County regarding building permits.
  • All building lease holders will be subject to appropriate taxes and utility fees.
  • Land access would be subject to lease agreement.

Future expansions:

  • Gazebo Shelters will be available in near future for site users.
  • Performance Ring, 30’ fenced hexagon, constructed in shaded forest area. (Future development)

Upcoming Events

  1. Fall Off Season

    October 1 - December 31

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If line is busy or unavailable please leave a message & your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Mailing Address:
Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
36 Brampton Street
Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
T7Z 1E8