Services & Amenities

150 acres of land, 30/60 Forest-Field, located 1 km off paved highway
  • Gravel roads: and established paths for onsite travel
  • Unserviced Camping: in forest & field areas (No Power Hook-ups)
  • Shower House: with hot water on demand
  • Out Houses: maintained by site staff
  • 2 Bundles of Fire-wood: included in each booking
    •  Large bookings are encouraged to supply additional wood to suit your needs or can let us know what you need and we can add it to your estimate and save you the hassle and haul!
    • ONLY Above-Ground fire-pits are permitted for use on site.


  • Dante’s Inferno: Tavern/Hall – 100 Seating Capacity
  • Village: approximately 6 buildings, main camp location, bell tower, town gates. (Estimated inhabitants 12-20)
  • Fortress: Large hill positioned fortress located in dense brush with 4 primary towers and three double wide doors, double reinforced to repel physical breaches
  • Forests: Approximately 3 km of paths and hiking trails through forested zones, growing each year.

Archery & Combat:

  •  Archery Range: 12 acre target archery range with 6 target butts, maximum range 100 meters
  • Thrown Weapons: 2 Thrown Weapon Targets for axes, daggers and spears
  • Combat Zones: Field space and flagging for establishing small and large combat field combat zones

Modern Services:

  • Trash & Recycle barrels: picked up daily by site staff
  • Porto-Johns: Located near camping and activity zones
  • 2 Stall Shower: Hot water on demand & solar powered lighting.
  • Potable Water: Some available on site but all campers are asked to bring your own drinking water 
  • Major amenities 30 minutes from site: 5 star hotel, hospital, restaurants, chain stores & beaches

Emergency Services:

  • On site emergency medical staff (St. Johns)
  • Fire Department 10 minutes away.
  • Hospital & Emergency Room 30 minutes away & Air Ambulance 12 minutes away.

Vendors & Cabin Owners:

Leasing opportunities exist for those interested in a more serious or long term investment in the site and it’s development. For more information around developing a home base at Redfield, please contact us.

A Few Key Points

  • All building owners are required to have insurance for their buildings.
  • All building owners are required to have a functioning 5lb. ABC extinguisher on hand.
  • Building construction with lease agreements are permitted on vendor lots by application to Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
  • Cabin construction with lease agreements are permitted on site by application to Machiavelli Enterprises Ltd.
  • All construction proposals must be accompanied by drawings and proper applications for submission to the County regarding building permits.
  • All building lease holders will be subject to appropriate taxes and utility fees.
  • Land access would be subject to lease agreement.

Future Expansion Plans (Ongoing and End-Date 2021)

  • Forest zone clean-up of paths & spaces to support more in-tree camping & enjoyment
  • Bunk-House : Sleeping 6-12 beds
  • Gate House & Structure
  • Performance Ring, 30’ fenced hexagon, constructed in shaded forest area.